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Welcome to the Kankakee Valley Association of Baseball & Fastpitch Softball!

We are a recreational program that was formed in 1954 for the purpose of teaching baseball & softball fundamentals, sportsmanship, fair play & good citizenship on & off the field. We are the premier program in LaPorte County and have since started to include teams from the surrounding counties.  Towns included in the KVA are: Fish Lake, Kingsbury, Kingsford Heights, Westville, Rolling Praire, & Starke County


We have started rule change meetings for the 2016 Season. As they change I will post them below.

  • 12U FASTPITCH will now play on Monday & Friday nights! This will allow the 10U fastpich players to more easily fill in. 

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    Kankakee Valley Association has adopted a ZERO TOLERANCE rule.

    ANY harassment of anyone associated with the game by managers, coaches, players or fans will not be tolerated. (Harassment includes by is not limited to arguing, yelling, threatening with actions or words, throwing equipment, running onto the field, and use of profane language directed toward someone else). ANYONE who harasses any offical (umpire, scorekeeper, league rep, managers, coaches or players) will be immediately ejected from the ballpark. If the ejected person refuses to leave the park, the team associated with said person will forfeit the game. It should be apparent that the league Officers, along with the Board of Presidents, are no longer going to tolerate unsportsmanlike conduct on the part of anyone associated with the game, including fans. It is time that the "ADULTS" act like adults and set a good example for those who are younger and look at adults as role models. The League Officers, along with the Board of Presidents, reserve the right to expel from the ranks, any manager, coach, umpire or players they determine to be incompatible with the objectives of the League.